– Aka the seed of humanity –

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Caylah, slam poetryThe  discovery of change is unquestionably all those makers who have opened their heart to me, who have offered me their time and who have shared with me some of their commitment. People of great humility who, in their own way, every day « color » the world; who in their own way, every day participate in making this world a better world, a world more just, more human, more responsible.

Then, there are also all these mediators whom I call “EntreFaiseur.se.s” and there were many … All these people who helped me somehow or other… who advised to me, who put me in touch with other mediators or makers, who welcomed me with open arms, who offered me their hospitality, their attention, their generosity.

But the human meeting is also all those people I met in the street, in a coffee shop, in a bus. Those people who smiled at me, who guided me, who amazed me. It is all this undeserved kindness, these simple, yet humane relationships. People from there but also people from other places, other travelers who you cross on the road and with whom you sometimes do a part of the way. Travelers who share this desire to change the world, to change the way we travel and we interact with people and nature.

From these exchanges come memorable and even magical travel experiences. I remember tea shared with villagers spontaneously. I remember shoes loaned (given) without hesitation by an unknown after mine disappeared at the foot of a temple. I remember this man, quietly sketching my portrait at a coffee shop and offering me the drawing by no other desire than to make me happy. I also remember this man helping me when I was caught in a riptide current. I see myself comforting my Thai host after her heart was broken. I see so many sweet eyes and friendly smiles. I am reminded of the passionate and fascinating discussions… Some moments of life, happenstances, beautiful coincidences… souls that connect. There would be so many more moments to share. This is just the beginning, the tip of an iceberg that emerges from this ocean of human adventures.