– Towards the entrepreneurship –

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EntrepreneurshipI have already written about the personal dimension of the journey, with a more introspective component in the article “Going to the End of the World to go to the End of Ourselves” (not translate yet).

This kind of trip (of extraordinary experiences) leads to a change in oneself, to a positive transformation, to a metamorphosis of our thoughts. Of course, all these encounters, all these experiences do not leave us unhanged, they mark us for life. They change us, they transform us, they even transcend us… They help us to grow.

This trip was an experience of immeasurable wealth, both editorial, human, and entrepreneurial. As with any project of this magnitude, there are moments of pride and doubt, moments of excitement and fear. You keep going from one to the other in this infinite emotional elevator.

From the first destinations, I had to come out of my shell and expose myself. As I mentioned earlier, this trip also gave me the opportunity to get involved in various projects or organizations. It was a way of seeing and doing other things, of getting involved, of going beyond myself, of getting out of my habits and trying to be helpful. My experiences were varied, but all of them enriched me and helped me overcome some fears.

Editorially, it was an ambitious project. I wasn’t prepared enough. I made beginner mistakes. I have sometimes lacked confidence, but I took the plunge nevertheless and I have never given up. All of this made me aware of my limits and helped me to bypass them. It also made me aware of my strengths.

Today, I still have a lot of work to do to complete this documentary, but I feel ready to rise to the challenge. I want to go to the end of the project, to the end of myself but especially to the end of these stories. I would love to give them life.

On another note, even though I was already aware of sustainable development and the issues raised by my three themes (gender, environment, education), this journey opened my eyes to my way of life, my deep aspirations and my internal contradictions.