– Profound travel experience –

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Méta Mo FaiseuseI wanted to give myself a little time to explore every country, to go around the cities, to go through the villages, to get lost in the mountains. It was not an ordinary tourist voyage, I have never favored the collection of sightseeings, I saw some on the path but the journey built itself, above all, around people whom I met and, always, with the will to promote a more responsible tourism.

The meeting with the world is this lush nature. It means taking the time to appreciate it, to contemplate it, to live it. I remember the sublime landscapes, endless stretches of land, majestic sunrises and sunsets, the flight of enchanting birds, the hatching of magical butterflies. The « Hatching » of nature… of pure beauty. Moments of freeze-frame. My experience at Mindfulfarm is certainly one of them.

The spontaneous journey gives way to discoveries, to beautiful surprises. I wanted to maintain a great freedom of movement. Of course, some meetings were planned in advance, but many also took place as the adventure unfolded, as I encountered others.

There have been some epic expeditions, rocky ascents, and a lot of indecisions and changes of plans. Losing one’s way: it’s perhaps the natural consequence of too much freedom. But the personal journey remains still interesting. That’s the most important.

Then, thanks to the format of my trip, which mixed meetings and voluntary work, I had experiences that deeply touched me. I spoke in another article of my experience in the village of Sogale in Ivory Coast. There were also other overwhelming immersions like at MIEP (Mawlamyine, Myanmar), or when I was by Kee and Jin in the tiny village of Huay Bo (north of Laos). This community life makes it possible to see something else, to go a little further out of one’s zone, to disorient a little more. For every one of these experiments, I was the lone stranger, cut off from the world, with no connection. And yet, a unique opportunity to connect to my hosts, to nature and also to reconnect to me.